Will you be in the Los Angeles area any time soon?

La is a hop skip and a tiny jump..

Hi Coral, I follow you on twitter. I am an Editor for a fashion magazine called Vigore and lifestyle/entertainment mag called EDGE. If you'd ever like to talk about contributing I would be open. I've always thought you were awesome. I miss seeing you on MTV, sadly nothing stays the same. I hope you are well.

Hello there..DM me on twitter and let’s chat! I love write and would be interested in knowing more about the opportunity. ;)

It has been like forever since I’ve written. Busy with life and making shit happen. Thanks for following guys. Way more to come…as you know I got tons of stuff to say. Boom.

Hey guys

Ok so it’s been ages since I’ve posted and let me be the first to say..oops. Life has been throwing me some seriously fast curve balls. I’m taken a leap of faith and hopefully in a few weeks you won’t all be reading about how horrible things have gone. To be honest I have no clue what will end up happening but for now this super cool chick is a happy camper. So in the words of JDH … “Don’t Fuck it Up” I will try my best Cowboy. Oh and Hi.

On a side note I think it’s time to learn how to cook some better dishes or more complex, shall we say then lasagna or angel hair pasta and pesto..I have to step up my game. Any suggestions on that one? I mean I can cook people, don’t get me wrong but experimenting with salads and adding beets where the recipe called for cherry tomatoes just isn’t my bag baby. But it should be. I’ve been told cooking is a fun and even sexy way to spend time with a date or when you’re alone some weekend with fresh produce bought at the local farmer’s market. I also need to buy a new jacket, some appropriate rain boots and put my now pudgy Boston Terrier on a diet. The to do list gets longer each day. Oh wait maybe is because I haven’t been crossing things off for the last week.

Oh and here is a little recommendation…please watch Archer. The adult cartoon about a undercover spy agent type guy…he is a womanizing drunkard with a kick ass sense of humor and his gf is the voice of Aysha Tyler. So damn funny I cried. Let me know what you guys think. Promise to write more frequently. Back to it.



hey there still doin the reality rox tours? did you like doin them?

I had a blast doing those tours but I haven’t done one of those in quite some time. Still. Reality Rox chick though, we still work together on other things.

First of all, I'd like to say how grateful I am that you got a Tumblr. I was never a big Twitter user, so I'm glad that I get an opportunity to communicate with you! I just wanted to ask a question: Do you still keep in touch with your fellow castmates from the Real World? If so, what've they been up to?

Hey thanks for following me on here. I just started this whole tumblr deal so it’s nice to have you…I still talk to Lori who is engaged somewhere in the world, and Mikey of course and we all know where he is. ;)

Remind me

Sometimes we all need to be reminded that all of this shit makes us stronger. It’s for a particular reason that we can’t always know. Time for a change. Right?

Would you ever consider competing on another challenge?

I’ll never say never on that question. I get it a lot so I’ve thought about the whole thing. Could be fun showing up somewhere and tossing around some rookies for a month or so…


Indeed. Why do you ask?